Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soda vs. Pop (Just Pick One)

Let’s pretend its summer, and you’re on a peaceful stroll in the park. You can pick the park, any park will do. It’s blistering hot outside, and while walking past a street vendor, you notice your mouth is a tad bit parched. Captain obvious says thirst is the diagnosis, and a carbonated beverage does sound delicious right about now. You go to order your soft drink, but when you order it, what do you say? Soda or pop???

Well, according to this neat color-coded piece of cartography, it all depends on where you’re from.

(Click to make bigger)

My fellow residents of “The Most Dangerous City in the Nation” say soda.

Chicagoians call it pop.

What do you call it?

As for me? Well I don’t really care; they’re all mixers to me…