Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Welcome Home

Summer is finally upon us and while most people who still can check mark the box beside "student" on government forms have roughly three months to sit around and do absolutely nothing productive, us college athletes have three glorious weeks (give or take three weeks) of lounge time before its stripped from us all over again. So excuse me for being rude Champaign when I burnt rubber out of there the instant my last final was over, driving as quickly as my 4-cylinder SUV would take me en route home...or to the Lou as some people would call it.

(Quick what are some other lame nicknames for cities. Here's the one's that I can think of off the top of my head.
H-Town - Houston
The A - Atlanta
Sac Town - Sacramento
Chambana - Champaign-Urbana
Oh yea I forgot, here's the close parenthesis)

Anyway, being home is totally fabulous. (Hard not to sound feminine when using totally and fabulous in the same sentence but yeah I said it). I forgot how nice it is to be cooked for every night, my laundry done for me every day, and to have a pantry stocked full of delectable goodies at my disposal whenever I feel like it. (Disposal is kind of a funny word to put there, because my mom is continually amazed at the amount of food I eat and sometimes can't keep up; even with a stocked pantry.) There's a catch though, to being home and having all this done for me. When going over the rules my parents drew up upon my birth I must have missed something in the fine print that said as soon as the first born leaves for college the rest of the children have the right to invade on the vacant-for-the-moment room. Therefore now I am stuck sharing a room with my nine year old brother, which used to be my sisters room, and my sisters took the rooms my brother and I left. Hopefully that made sense because I'm too upset to continue. Below, is a visual representation of what the room I used to call mine, looks like now.

This is the room that I'm sharing with my nine year old brother. I am not pleased.

In addition to not having a space to call my own, I had a hard time finding a place for my personal belongings, such as my computer. This is where my desktop currently sits, in the closet my brother and I share when I'm at home. Yes that is a card table and yes those are beanie babies in the background. I'm not claiming them to be mine but it's possible they were at one point in my life.

All images used by permission of the Griffey Family

Despite the outrageous sleeping arrangements in the Griffey household, I've been getting accustomed to doing nothing all day and kind of liking it. Every day I wake up, and ask my mom what we're going to do and she always responds with, "nothing." So I'd go workout, play some Xbox, and watch the clock tick until my brother would get home from school so we could play. Needless to say I was surprised when one day her response to that question was I had a dentist appointment.


  1. Hey its Nate Scheelhaase, already done with my < 3 weeks of summer, and i must admit you aren't missing much in good ole chambana... finally got around to reading this my mom has been raving about it for months, which is probably why you get all those impressed and funny check boxes marked... see you when you get back

  2. Hotlanta is more common for Atlanta btw.

  3. This is absolutely hilarious. I can see you're the favorite child. ;)

  4. Great blog; keep up the good work.


  5. My favorite lame nickname for a city: Nap Town- Indianapolis

    Big 10 related good ones: Madison's Mad Town, Bloomington's B-Town, and West Lafayette's WestLaLa/WestLaFiesta.

  6. I would be perturbed if my brother was to take a picture of my room and post it on the internet. Good thing its a cute room!

  7. So, your old room looks fabulous. I honestly cannot believe your sisters took it over.. btw- this is lohbes. ;) Enjoy hanging with your lil bro all day!! You two are the cutest! <3

    p.s: Can I come and play?

  8. To the commenter below Nate S., Hotlanta is way 2006. No one living in Atlanta uses Hotlanta anymore. The use of the term ATL is passe` too. And from the 1970's, the city too busy to hate is an oldie.

    Tyler, I see a green Titans shirts hanging in your closet. Is that an Illinois Wesleyan Titans shirt? Being an alum from there, nice to see that.