Thursday, December 17, 2009


Lists are way overdone but that's not going to stop me.

Inventions I could not live without
1. Pizza Parties
-Who doesn’t like pizza and who doesn’t love parties? Combine them together to create one epic event that appeals to everybody.
2. Separate shoes for each foot
-Whoever came up with this idea is a genius
3. Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers
-In the wake of our countries H1N1 epidemic, these were placed all throughout campus buildings. Don’t you hate when you get too much hand sanitizer on your hands? These are calibrated to give you just the right amount.
4. Elastic waistbands
-Allow room for expansion if needed at feasts or other eating events. Comfortable. Elastic waistband jeans are taking it overboard though.
5. The WTF blanket aka Snuggie
-Not to different than the robes the students at Hogwarts wear, when I put one of these babies on, an immediate sense of magical powers and kingship ripples through me. I feel like these things give me the power to just sit back on my couch and rule Champaign. Impossible to feel almighty while wearing one.

Shopping stores that you could spend a lot of time in and not buy anything
1. Shaper Image
-Gadgets you didn’t think exist are in the Image. A must stop to all mall goers, you could spend all day looking at their high-tech toys.
2. Bass Pro shops
-The one in Springfield, MO especially. Even those who hate the outdoors could spend some serious time in there.
3. Love Seat/Love Shack
-The store that sells those big bean bags in the mall. Easy to sit in one and fall asleep instantly. I’ve done it before.
4. Brookstone
-Massage chairs. Need I say more?
5. Borders
- It’s easy to grab a book and latte and sit there and read six chapters of a book you haven’t bought yet. Or stand at the docking stations and listen to that whole CD you were thinking about buying.

Things the Christmas season can do without
1. Imposter Santa’s
2. Fake beards (Not referring to Amanda Beard in any way)
3. Egg nog
4. Class finals
5. Peppermint candies in the form of canes


  1. Impossible to feel almighty while wearing one?

    Shaper Image?

    C'mon Tyler. :D

  2. your pretty chill bro.


  3. dear tyler,

    you're really smart, funny & cute. let me know if you ever just want to hang out.

  4. 1). To the person above: how exactly is he supposed to contact you when he has no idea who you are? Anonymous...

    2). I love egg nog, you bohemith.