Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Problematic Breastfeeding

Its winter break and all the students have gone home for the holidays. Once again I am stuck here with just the basketball guys, because it seems like this time most of the Asians went home as well. Without class or virtually any signs of human life, I’m left with my computer, TV, Xbox, and basketball to occupy my time. Like most, I procrastinated to do my Christmas shopping and was left scrambling around to find gifts for my loved ones at the last possible moment. One morning I rose particularly early because I decided to venture out to do some shopping. First I stopped at Atlanta Bread Company to get my early morning coffee fix.

There I was in the restaurant, minding my own business, enjoying my coffee and breakfast sandwich like any regular patron would. Also not unlike a normal customer you’d find at these places, I had my laptop propped open in front of me as I surfed my daily websites and tried to find new blogging material. During this blogging phase of my life, my computer has had the privilege of traveling with me wherever I go. I love going to places with free wi-fi internet for a change of setting so I can sit, relax, observe and write. The difference in surroundings helps me think clearer and write better.

As I am gathering my thoughts down for a future post, a situation unfolds right in front of me that is absolutely blog relevant. Into Atlanta Bread Company walks a mother, carrying a few months old baby, nestled quietly between her arm and shoulder. I witnessed this person walk in and quickly find a seat. I found it odd she didn’t order anything at the counter; but I shrugged it off and continued typing away. It was one of those circumstances where the mom took a seat right in the direction I was facing, but was blocked in my direct line of sight behind my computer screen.

As I continued typing, my unconscious vision (when you’re aware of what’s going on around you but you don’t pay attention) witnessed this woman unfold a blanket and place it over her right chest area. As my mind processed the information (woman + blanket over chest + baby) and concluded on what could potentially happen here, she was already fiddling with her shirt underneath, and pushing the baby’s head under too. She wouldn’t, she wouldn’t, would she?

By this time my eyes were peering over the computer screen and watching as the baby’s face went from a very tiresome look to one of tremendous delight.

Breast feeding in a public place? Really? Want to hear the rest of the story?

About five minutes later, in walks another woman carrying a baby of about the same age as the other. She sits down right next to the other lady, and she begins breastfeeding too, only this woman wasn’t kind enough to cover with a blanket.

I took that as my cue to leave, and said that out loud as a matter of fact. New mothers out there, I know you’re dying to show everyone the new “no-longer-pregnant” you, but get-together public breastfeeding is never okay.


  1. Ugh, well, that's just indecent and, in my opinion, quite disgusting.

  2. You should have walked over with an empty cup and held it out in front of her...lol

  3. I can so top this... There was a mother breast-feeding in church on Christmas Eve. She was towards the front, too.

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  5. Dude: love the blog but what's wrong with some free breast? I mean, you're not gay or anything...not that there's anything wrong with being gay and all

    But if some mom wants to flash you an engorged breast why do you take that -- loudly -- as your cue to leave?