Monday, November 2, 2009

Biggest Mind-Blowing Debates of 2009

1. Kobe or LeBron
The whole Kobe or LeBron saga that will continue for the rest of their careers swept the nation this past summer. Kobe won his 4th ring, Bron Bron was MVP. First it was a sports fan and Sports Center fan. Next, when superstar rappers got in, it is safe to say I lost interest, except in the fact I had some good new music. Lil Wayne liked Kobe and Young Jeezy took sides with the so-called King. In this situation I only have one factor I look at when choosing sides, and that is how much money each player is worth. These men are both well above my standard for personal worth so they both win. End of story. See ya later.

2. Brett Farve
Love him or hate him, he is undeniably proving all the guys I watch on Sports Center wrong every time he steps onto that field. Sure he chastised his former team and made everyone in the country with a TV sick about hearing about his possible return but he is just killing opponents out there this year, so far 7-1 heading into a bye week and beating the Packers twice. If God played professional football, his name would be Brett Farve. (Notice how I put professional football)

3. Tim Tebow
I guess there’s really no argument here (what could you debate about him). He is the G.O.A.T. Simply the best that ever played the game of college football. Breaking records like it’s his job and taking names while doing it. Also winning championships and Heisman’s along the way. The ultimate team leader and motivational speaker, it’s safe to say he’s my hero. If God played college football, his name most definitely would be Tim Tebow. Mess with Tebow, and this is what happens. Word.

4. Chipotle or Qdoba
The battle of the IL-legal immigrants of our country that provide us with authentic Mexican meals everyday American style. And by American style I mean fast and convenient, just the way we like it. So which is it? I choose Qdoba for a number of reasons, most likely because the word “Qdoba” redefines everything I was ever taught in English class. (Doesn’t U come always right after Q?) Oh, and their Mexican gumbo soup is delicious. I wanted to make the title of this post about sports debates but I had to throw this one in there. Another reason why Chipotle can kiss it.

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