Sunday, November 8, 2009

Painful Habit

Sometimes I bite my nails, especially when I’m bored and tired of pretending to text on my phone because I’m bored. The other day I did that thing where I accidentally bit too much nail off and left myself with a painful situation. The nail is drastically too short for comfort and the only pain relieving solution is to keep trying to bite that nail. Well in this instance things got out of control and I bit till it bled. I kept biting at it like I could take care of the whole thing if I just bit one more time. Finally, it occurred to me that if I put a Band-Aid on it things would get better. This worked like a charm. But now, simple tasks are now difficult like reaching into the pocket of my stylish blue jeans or dunking a basketball. Who am I kidding I don't dunk and besides, real men shoot lay-ups anyway.

Aside from biting my nails and practicing my English accent, not a lot of entertaining stuff has been happening around my life. After my mandatory daily duties (class, practice, study hall) I'm usually so tired I just sit on the couch painstakingly immobilized. I am left with just enough energy to play Xbox or watch TV. As for video games, I'm still playing Fifa 10 almost every day. Unfortunately my internet hasn't been working so I've been sticking to sticking it to the CPU on manager mode. My team is the best club team in the world...because I cheated and put the English national team all on Manchester United. (Shh!! Don't tell anyone) Once my internet gets back up and running send me your gamertag and we'll play. Warning in advance, you're probably going to lose.

Recently, I've watched every episode of the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother. HIMYM is easily one of the funniest shows on television right now. Barney Stinson is my hero and idol. I want to be just like him!! (haha JK LOL) My other favorite TV shows are Entourage, Two and A Half Men, and from back in the day Boy Meets World.

As you can tell from my list of favorite TV shows, they all have a womanizer of sorts as their main characters. Barney Stinson, Vincent Chase and Charlie Harper all have the "do whatever I want and get away with it" card from seemingly unlimited sources of income and undeniable skills at picking up women. The one obviously left out is BMW.

Speaking of Boy Meets World, let me tell you how I judge my friends relationships. I judge them on the CAT factor. (Cory and Topanga). The more they act like them the less I hang out with them. Those cute cuddly things that couples do is better to keep within the privacy of your own home, it makes me sick.

On a last note, I want to make it be known that I am aggressively participating in No Shave November. If you couldn't already tell my facial hair is longer than it's ever been and I'm quite proud of that fact. I'm going to let it grow out as long as possible till I can't stand it anymore or if I'm forced to by some other higher up.

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