Monday, November 9, 2009

Dirty Laundry 3

1. Screaming never solves anything. Neither does lying but I’d vouch for fighting.

2. I’ve noticed that when trying to pop popcorn in the microwave, no matter the microwave settings you're always aiming to have the popcorn to start actually popping at exactly the 1:00 minute mark on the timer. Who knew cooking popcorn takes skill?

3. Only thing a mustache enhances is your creepiness.

4. Wearing your work shirt out at night is not okay. Especially if the company logo is on it. People notice. People also notice when you’re wearing the same clothes as yesterday the next day. They may not have seen you the day before but they still know.

5. What’s the deal with those hot-air dryers in public bathrooms? Does anyone here actually think their hands are satisfactorily dried after they use one of those things? They state directly on them that they help the environment, don’t waste trees, save paper, blah blah blah. Wouldn’t wiping your hands on the back of your pants solve the same issue? You end up wiping your hands on your clothes anyway after using a blow-dryer. Also my time is incredibly valuable so is waiting under that dryer for an extra thirty seconds really worth completely ignoring the most effective drying method of paper towels? Are that many trees being saved if we don’t use paper towels? Can’t we just recycle all those paper towels we use? Wow, and that was all in one trip to the bathroom.

Click on the picture for a better look.

And Boom Goes The Dynamite

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