Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Greatest Gift to America since the Statue of Liberty

Those who follow me on twitter know I like to leave memos to my dear future wife. When referring to my future wife, of course I mean Ms. Emma Watson-Griffey. (I don’t believe in Hyphenated last names. But in this case, since it’s unofficial and Emma and I haven’t discussed the situation yet, I’ll leave it alone.) I’ve had a crush since the day I laid my eyes on her in that first Harry Potter movie. During that movie I gave her the appreciation every woman secretly dreams about; the outloud two syllable “damnnnnnn.” I don’t have to tell you I am envious (I don’t use the word jealous, never have never will) of that awkward, curly-headed English boy with a scar on his forehead that gets to work with her every day.

I have yet to officially meet her, but I feel like there’s always been a connection between us. I’ve seen her movies and been to her Wikipedia page (more times than I’d like to admit) so I know a lot about her. My only hope is that one day, when I do meet her; I make a jaw-dropping first impression and convince her to want to see me again. Hopefully she isn’t familiar with blogging and doesn’t read this one. I promise, when I do encounter her for the first time, I will share the incredible experience with you all through this blog.

Reasons I like Emma Watson

1. She’s an attractive young woman. I know this alone doesn’t separate her from the pack, but let me go further.
2. She is currently getting a Brown University education. Very respectable academic institution within the United States and doubles her hotness on the point.
3. She’s English therefore foreign. Who doesn’t like foreign girls? Am I right? Am I right?
4. She has an English accent. I’m convinced not too many of you have a freakishly weird obsession with English accents like I do, but come on, it’s hot and you and I both know it.

5. And finally, (this is the kicker) (The icing on the cake) (This puts her out of YOUR league) is her ability to compose magic. Simple flicks with her wand result in the most magical things. Transformations, healings, charms, spells, and curses she knows them all. Pigwarts has prepared her well for the real world.

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