Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dirty Laundry 5

1. Isn’t take your daughter to work day sexist? Why not take your kid to work day?

2. Can any good come from holding a woman’s purse? Rhetorical question.

3. Even though it looks really cool in the movies, getting a drink thrown in your face is not as fun as it sounds.

4. I cannot stress enough how much I hate roman numerals. They are the reason I can’t remember who played in what Super Bowl. Why did the National Football League decide to use roman numerals to distinguish between Super Bowls anyway?

5. Why is it that when loading something on my computer, it always jumps to 99% then stops for like 13 minutes for moving that one more percent over? That really bursts my bubble.

Did You Know
^^^Every time I watch that I get chills. Can you imagine?

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