Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland

All this cold weather has reminded me of some of the reasons why I don’t like winter. This is one of them.

I hated snow days. I hated the idea of them. My school almost never got them off. The weatherman could be predicting some epic clash of sleet, rain, ice, 12 feet of snow, and a hurricane that would break all laws of basic atmospheric science and we’d still not get off school. I’d wake up a little earlier than usual to check the school closings, wait for the entire list of schools to go through to get to the R’s (You know how they show like two schools at a time in alphabetical order. My school district was Rockwood.) and then when they got there, my school wasn’t on it but I had just wasted time looking at every other school in the city that had gotten off. So basically I got to sit there and think about all my friends from other districts playing video games all day or building snowmen (I can build a mean snowman) while I waited in agonizing anticipation only to be immensely letdown.

On a side note: I hate when it snows and its not the sticky kind of snow that allows you to have snowball fights or build snowmen. Okay, back to the story.

The second reason why I hate snow days is because there was another school district with almost the same name as mine. (As mentioned before, mine was Rockwood and the other was Richwoods) Richwoods would call off school if the temperature was hovering around 32 degrees with a chance of precipitation. I mean they always got off. They got off school sometimes and the weatherman would be wrong and it’d be sunny the next day. This is bad because I would be there patiently waiting as the list of schools slowly went by. I’d get more and more excited as it came closer to the R words. Then as if a miracle had just occurred in front of my eyes, I’d glance and see an R with “WOOD” right after it and I’d jump up and down, do a little dance, then amidst my fit of joy I’d painstakingly realize my mistake. (Only a mere 2 letters separate Richwoods and Rockwood, not counting the S at the end. Screw you Richwoods School district in Missouri). The only thing I can compare this to is like scoring a game tying basket with only a couple seconds left in the game. Your teams hyped, everyone’s jumping up and down the crowds back into it and all you got to do is defend for 3 seconds and head to overtime. In that three seconds they inbound the ball and make an improbable half court shot. Trust me, I asked Brandon Paul.

To make matters worse, when in fact school did get called off, my school would wait to the last possible second to call it off. They’d make everyone get up, check the TV or computer (or radio if you’re into that type of thing) and see if school is cancelled for the day. If you’re like me, I have trouble sleeping anyway and once I’m up I’m up. So that left me in the situation where I was already up, going back to sleep was not an option, its 7am and I have absolutely nothing to do all day. Let’s not kid ourselves here, when did anyone actually have something to do on a snow day?

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  1. No way he wrote any of these

  2. I know that feeling. Richwood schools are off if someone knocks a cup of coffee over. All it takes is one measily snow flake and boom, no school for Richwoods. It takes a blizzard for Rockwood Schools to call off. If the superintendent can make it to his offic okay, then that means the roads are fine for everyone else in his mind. I am so angry when we have like 5 inches coming and the only schools off with the letter r come from Richwoods. At least they call the night before. Rockwood wont make the call till like 630 that morning, when all the bus driverss begin their morning runs. But when we do get a snow day, i hate to admit, it is kinda nice once in a while. one less day i have to sit through physics.